Rain Rain Rain

Nolan River

It’s hard to believe that all the lakes and rivers that were so low 18 months ago are now so high.  Don’t get me wrong I think water is the most valuable resource we have and I’d rather have too much water than not enough.  That being said I’ve always done better fishing in low water conditions than normal or high water. 

Grown up trail

Not only are the rivers almost un-fishable but what used to be trails are now hayfields.  If you dare wear your wading shorts you’ll be rewarded with a multitude of chigger bites.  Sometimes being able to find where the trail used to run feels like a small victory.

Fly Box

Don’t get me wrong fish can still be caught but the challenge is finding accessible water that holds fish.  Last summer I thought I could wait for the water to go down and go back to my honey holes.  Now a year later and the water is still up and its looking like new holes will need to be found. 

walking home

A new path to the truck has already been implemented.

Matching the Hatch

PK dam

You alway’s hear big flies big fish.  That may be so for some folks but its really never applied to me (My biggest bass was caught on a #8 woolly bugger).  The last few times I’d gone striper fishing I’d thrown some moderately large to extra large flies on sinking  lines even though I rarely saw any bait fish larger than a couple of inches.  I pretty much hate fishing sinking lines in running water.  So this trip I was back to basics with a floating line and #6 clousers.


Not only was it much easier to fish it also produced a lot more fish.  Most times its just best to stick with what you know.


Big Fly

fly and reel

Sometimes you get what you think is a great idea for a fly and it just doesn’t work out like you thought.  This was one of those flies and one of those days.  I’m not a guy that changes flies a bunch.  I have my go to flies and usually tie one on and forget about it.  I tried so many flies that I had to tie on new tippet twice.

mandy fish

There were a couple of fish caught but I literally caught my one and only fish on my last cast.  Better luck next time.