Rain Rain Rain

Nolan River

It’s hard to believe that all the lakes and rivers that were so low 18 months ago are now so high.  Don’t get me wrong I think water is the most valuable resource we have and I’d rather have too much water than not enough.  That being said I’ve always done better fishing in low water conditions than normal or high water. 

Grown up trail

Not only are the rivers almost un-fishable but what used to be trails are now hayfields.  If you dare wear your wading shorts you’ll be rewarded with a multitude of chigger bites.  Sometimes being able to find where the trail used to run feels like a small victory.

Fly Box

Don’t get me wrong fish can still be caught but the challenge is finding accessible water that holds fish.  Last summer I thought I could wait for the water to go down and go back to my honey holes.  Now a year later and the water is still up and its looking like new holes will need to be found. 

walking home

A new path to the truck has already been implemented.

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