Tying time

The holidays, cold weather and bowl games may have made it difficult to make it to the water but there’s always an opportunity for some vise time.   This fly is called a “Deena” and is one of my favorite streamer patterns.  It was taught to me by Bill Wilmert at the FFF Southern Conclave in Mountain Home Arkansas. The fly is named after his dog and was created late one night when he ran out of hackle and couldn’t tie any wooly buggers for an early morning guide trip.  The next day his client had a 100 trout day on the Little Red.  Bill claims this pattern will out catch a wooly bugger and since I’ve been fish it I won’t argue against it. Deena

Hook: 3x streamer hook

Weight: 10 wraps of lead

Tail: Blood marabou

Flash: 2 strands Krystal flash

Body: Uni- Mohair

Hackle: Mallard Flank

Gorgeous day for fishing.


Where else but Texas can you wet wade in December.

This is the mystery car that local guides will identify as marking the best fishing hole on the Paluxy.

Seemed like for most of the day the fishing was better than the catching.

Caught a lot of fish but none were much bigger than this one.  I saw one carp that would go double digits.  The problem was I saw it coming straight toward me after I dropped my fly on the far bank.  Although I froze the big sucker saw me and was gone in a flash.

One of the best decisions of the day was the burger and beer at the

“Green Pickle” in downtown  Glen Rose.



Fishing the Paluxy this time of year is like fishing dozens of small tanks seperated by hundreds of yards of dry river bed.

When you find a hole it usually holds fish.

The river has lots of large crawfish and this is my attempt at matching the hatch.