Rapid Fire

carp back 2

It seems like I’m always hearing “you should have been here yesterday “or “as soon as you left they started biting”. Well this was one of those days that everything seemed to line up.  I’ve fished this stretch of river many times and it’s usually not an issue finding fish.  The trick is finding fish that will eat a fly.  Not only were there plenty of fish but they were actively feeding.  I had a damselfly nymph tied on followed by a hare’s ear nymph dropper.  The first strike I got ended up with a landed fish.


Fishing a double rig is a popular method for carp fishing. Not only does it give the fish a choice of 2 baits but it gives the fisherman a little room for error with a sloppy cast.  It gives you twice the odds of dropping a fly in the strike zone.  I got plenty of hook ups but my landing percentage wasn’t stellar (I won’t fish that stretch of river again without a net).  I didn’t get a single strike on my dropper but I did slow a fish down for a moment after it spit my top fly.



Urban Assault

stalking carpOne of the best things about carp fishing is you usually don’t have to go far to find some water with potential.  If you can somehow avoid the bicyclers, joggers and picnickers you can possibly have some shots at some decent fish.


the fightThis was one of those days that conditions made seeing the fish tough but we somehow put fish on the board.  So next time you go to ride your bike on the local trail be sure to wear your helmet and beware the back cast.


Fly in carps mouth

Roll with the flow

FJ Cruiser

One of my younger fly fishing friends gave me the scoop on a hot fishing hole that he had been hitting on a regular basis.  The carp were big and aggressive and he had a pic of a 14 pounder he had landed in the last couple of weeks.  The location was on a golf course and when asked about the issues with the management he said they had never said anything.  So in my head I’m picturing a tree lined bank with massive trees where you can barely hear the occasional shot much less see any golfer.  So 2 days later we were loaded up and headed to this “secret hole” with visions of double digit carp on a fly.  After hopping a fence and skirting down the edge of the course we found the hole.  Not only was it not tree lined and hidden.  It was in the middle of a par 5 where the golfers had to hit over the river to make it to the green.  To make a long story short I made it into my 50s before I was ever run off a golf course for fishing (not too bad).

 Fighting fish and net

So we moved up to the lake and started wadding the shallows.  The water was murky so the fish were hard to see past 10 or 15ft.  There was a lot of mudding going on but the fish were difficult to find.  While some of us kept creeping along the shore looking for tails others decided to blind cast in areas that seemed to be loaded with activity.

 Carp slipping away

We ended up landing 6 carp with a couple in the 5lb class.

 The final score.

 Blind casting 5

 Sight casting 1